Annie Swarm Guldberg became a self-proclaimed world-renowned artist in elementary school after crafting a dynamic drawing of a duck in a swim suit. Since then, her creative journey as an oil painter has taken many an odd turn, with vocational stints ranging from fireplace factory worker to toilet paper delivery woman. A Bachelor’s Degree in art from Wisconsin Lutheran College bolstered Annie’s pursuit of creating beauty, but her main inspiration comes from a burning internal urge to transcend time and place by putting feelings to color. This drive manifests itself through a mainly alla-prima process, using nothing more than paint to craft her signature texture. When she isn’t fantasizing about sipping Dr. Pepper and/or whiskey with Van Gogh in the Irish countryside, she’s busy living a bustling life that includes multiple viewings of Joe Vs. The Volcano, watching strange movies with her husband, and wrangling her two sons and future superheroes, Thor and Conan. Annie welcomes visitors at her Mt. Pleasant, Iowa studio, where she can help budding artists discover their spirit color. In case you’re wondering, her’s is Dioxazine Purple, a surprisingly dark color that is mainly seen in it’s lighter, happier hues.

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Artist CV


My artwork is inspired by color, dreams, music lyrics, personal experiences and sometimes even reality. I paint from a deep place inside my heart and soul, and creating art brings me great personal therapy and enjoyment. Painting is and always will be a treasured part of my life. I love to hear different interpretations of what people see in my work and I would love to talk art- or any other subject with you anytime (I have kissed the Blarney stone after all).