I am an oil painter living and working in beautiful southern Iowa. My main line of work, Dreamlands, is in the expressionist style, focusing on dream-like landscapes created with vibrant colors, thick textures and simple forms. My goal with Dreamlands is to draw the viewer in with colors and textures, and to lead them to a familiar place that connect to their own dreams and memories, creating a unique experience for every viewer.

Dreamlands are those places in our minds, dreams and hearts that are connected to reality or based on a real place, but are filled with our own interpretations. Adding vibrancy and fantasy with thick paint and bright colors, these are the landscapes we remember when we close our eyes.


Annie Guldberg was born in Colorado, spent her teenage years in Iowa, young adult life in Wisconsin, and has returned to Southeastern Iowa to raise her own young family. She works in the real world as a graphic artist, but most passionately spends the rest of her time in her own home based studio. Whether feverishly working on her own work, teaching private art, or serving the local community with art as a tool, art is where her deepest passions lie. With a big hearted approach to life, Annie finds joy in creating, serving her family and community, and enriching the local culture with as much art as possible.

Annie Guldberg’s work has been shown in galleries and shops in Milwaukee area as well as throughout Southeastern Iowa. Most recently, Annie has been selected to represent Iowa in Her Flag 2020, which is a collaborative art project celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

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